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Healthcare services

Just a few clicks and the nurse knows everything about the findings, when medication was last given and the lab results. Few industries have as much responsibility as healthcare services. That makes it all the more reassuring if highly sensitive data and information relating to the well-being of people can be securely logged and retrieved quickly. The hardware for mobile data collection from CASIO gives doctors and nursing staff direct access to the most important patient data. The devices support process optimisation in the hospital and even facilitate completely new processes — from optimised medication management through to reducing the administrative workload and simplifying personalised food orders.
Healthcare services

Real-world application examples

Suitable products for Healthcare services

NEW IT-G600 / IT-G650

IT-G600 / IT-G650

  • Two versions for different user needs: IT-G600 with 10-digit keyboard and 4.7" full touch display, IT-G650 with 5.5" full touch display
  • More ergonomic: scan unit inclined by 25°
  • Flexible and versatile: Android™ 9 (Android Enterprise Recommended)
  • Very robust: drop protection up to 1.8 m (IT-G600) or 1.5 m (IT-G650)
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  • Open for anything:barcode scanner with Android 8.1 operating system
  • Ergonomic: Optimized grip and weight distribution
  • Easy to read: Bright 3.2-inch LCD display
  • Long-lasting: Battery power of 30 hours continuous operation
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  • Intuitive: Rugged Smart Device with Android™ 9 operating system
  • Easy to view: Large 5.7-inch full-touch display
  • Professional: Build-in 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • Good-looking: Slim design with the look of a smartphone
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  • Open: Android 6.0.1 GMS operating system for a wide variety of apps
  • Powerful: ARM® Cortex® A53 quad-core processor (1.2 GHz)
  • Lightweight and robust: 325 g, IP67 protection rating, 1.5 m drop resistance
  • Resists scratches and breakage: Toughened glass display screen
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  • Large 4.3" colour display (WVGA: 480 x 800 pixels) with touch panel
  • Lightweight, at only 245–270 grams including battery
  • Extremely robust with protection rating IP67 and 1.5 m drop resistance
  • Highly ergonomic housing design that is extremely comfortable to hold
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Effective savings by using specific software

In order to make the work processes more transparent, the Evangelische Diakonissenanstalt diako, charitable institution in Augsburg, opted for the CASIO IT-800. Using the mobile data terminals with special software created significant savings, allowing the clinic kitchen to be successfully reorganised. CASIO mobile data collection devices are also used in other application areas. For example, using the built-in digital camera in the handheld device guarantees clean and efficient wound documentation, in order to record the healing process of the patient and store it in the digital file.

The specific application in practice

"This was the smoothest introduction of an innovation I have ever experienced", says dietician Anita Nachtrub about the integration of the OrgaCard system. She is only one of many positive voices from real-world examples. Again and again, CASIO customers from healthcare services report on how they benefit daily from the use of high-quality mobile data collection devices. Let yourself be convinced by the practical experience of others!