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Ticketing and mobile payment

Large crowds and an excited mood. Smooth processes are required whenever and wherever people have to be transported on time according to a timetable, where tickets for events need to be sold or where goods need to be delivered to someone. But this is often when employees face particular challenges: for example, what should the bus driver do if someone has no cash with them? In cases like these, it is great to be able to rely on CASIO mobile data collection devices optimised for the specific requirements. Even if everyday work situations often turn out differently than expected, they function reliably and without faults.
Ticketing and mobile payment

Real-world application examples

  • Stadtreiniger Kassel
  • S-Bahn Berlin GmbH
  • Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG
  • Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Czech Republic national rail service
  • Michael Maul, ferry operator
  • Slovenian Railways
  • K.W.S. Kölner Wach- und Schließgesellschaft

Suitable products for Ticketing and mobile payment

IT-G600 / IT-G650

IT-G600 / IT-G650

  • Two versions for different user needs: IT-G600 with 10-digit keyboard and 4.7" full touch display, IT-G650 with 5.5" full touch display
  • More ergonomic: scan unit inclined by 25°
  • Flexible and versatile: Android™ (Android Enterprise Recommended)
  • Very robust: drop protection up to 1.8 m (IT-G600) or 1.5 m (IT-G650)
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  • Intuitive: Rugged Smart Device with Android™ operating system
  • Easy to view: Large 5.7-inch full-touch display
  • Professional: Build-in 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • Good-looking: Slim design with the look of a smartphone
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Individual MDC devices for a variety of applications

Perfectly coordinated technology is what matters. Checking electronic tickets is done much faster with the new IT-9000 hardware — this leads directly to increased concentration and improved efficiency of all ticket inspections. This is why transport service providers such as S-Bahn Berlin use CASIO industrial terminals and optimally customised software. Even the mobile ticket sales and receipt printing on the trains of the Deutsche Bahn is carried out using the CASIO IT-3000. Using this data terminal can also optimise electronic timetable information or ticket inspection for local and intercity train services.

The specific application in practice

"Our employees enjoy working with the lightweight devices and are pleased that they don't require any protective cases or special carriers". Uwe Streithoff is head of the Transport Services Department at the external service provider WISAG and just one of the many positive voices from real-world examples. Again and again, CASIO customers report on how they benefit daily from the use of high-quality mobile data collection devices in the area of ticketing and mobile payment systems. Let yourself be convinced by the practical experience of others!