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Osservazioni sulla pulizia del terminale nella situazione attuale

Regarding the use of a medical sanitisers (which is claimed to have little effect on resins and metals) for "Casio Handheld Terminal products"

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The following description explains how to clean the Casio Handheld Terminal products.

Important information on how to clean the product
  • There are various sanitisers which are said to have little effect on resins and metals, but the condition of the product may change by wiping its surface.
  • The durability of the new product is expected to be maintained to some extent, but the surface of the product may gradually change depending on the liquid concentration, the period of use, the used environment, and the number of wipes.
  • Please do not use sanitisers that contain strong acidic, alkaline, or high-concentration surfactants.
  • We recommend that you use alcohol products with an alcohol (ethanol) concentration of 50% or less. Please do not use anhydrous ethanol or anhydrous IPA.
Dos & Don’ts
  • Do spray the cleaner onto a cleaning cloth or gauze and then wipe the surface thoroughly.
  • Do not spray cleaners directly onto the products.
  • Do not use tissue paper.
  • Do not rub strongly.
  • Do not allow liquids to enter the seams or openings on the product surface.
  • Make sure that no liquid remains on the borders of the screen.
  • Wipe off with dry cloth so that no liquid remains on the contact terminals.
  • Since the screen surface is delicate, we recommend using a screen protection sheet and replacing it when the visibility becomes poor.
Note: Problems that may occur by wiping with the above liquid
  • Discolouration of surface painting.
  • Surface painting comes off.
  • The surface of case resin will be discoloured, becomes sticky, or harden.
  • Transparent resin parts (screen, key surface, etc.) will whiten or small cracks.
  • Corrosion of contact terminals (metal surface that makes electrical contact on the bottom of the product).
The above cleaning method does not guarantee the sterilisation and removal of all viruses.