CASIO Mobile Industrial Solutions
CASIO Mobile Industrial Solutions
CASIO Mobile Industrial Solutions

Absolutely robust

'Creativity and Contribution' is Casio's corporate creed. It expresses the company's commitment to contributing to society by offering the kind of original, useful products that only Casio can.
Based on this philosophie, CASIO mobile computers have been supporting the business field for a long time, more than 35 years. Touch the CASIO, touch the future (Feel Casio, you feel the future).
The business solutions together with CASIO mobile computers will change your business operation from 'what you want to do' to 'what you can do'. The key concepts of CASIO mobile computer are 'Absolutely robust', 'Ergonomic design' and 'Efficient electronic architecture' which result in reduced total cost of ownership.

Absolutely robust -With less breakdown, possible to continue operation-

Absolutely robust technology
The weight of the housing parts has been reduced by drilling, and the use of elastomer resin, which has a high anti-slip effect and excellent shock absorption, reduces the impact caused by dropping. In addition, a hollow structure that does not easily transmit the impact from the outside is adopted, and the upper-and-lower cases and parts are convexly meshed to form a three-layer structure to prevent twisting that may cause damage. In addition to drop tests, we also carry out performance evaluations such as tumbling tests. By paying attention to multiple details, we have made possible a reinforced design that achieves a drop strength of 3.0 m.
  • Durch feste Struktur kann MDE Gerät von CASIO Stöße abfedern
  • Stabil erprobte Mobile Datenerfassungsgeräte von CASIO
  • Wasser- und Staubdichter Mobile Scanner Aufbau

Waterproof and dustproof technology

The battery cover, external interface, scanner, MicroSD and other parts of CASIO mobile computer are designed so that they will not come off by external pressure. Furthermore, IP67 is realized by packing not only the entire housing but also the tightening part of the screw. At the time of shipment from the factory, all units are subjected to an air pressure test to check for air leaks, and the same test is conducted after repairs to check the waterproof and dustproof performance.
  • CASIO Mobile Datenerfassungsgeräte bedeuten sichere und schnelle Arbeitsstrukturen

Ergonomic design -For any usage in business field-

Casio pursues the essence of mobile computers and adopts ergonomic design methods for product development. By developing mobile computers from the user's perspective based on ergonomic design, CASIO feed back the voices of a wide range of users to the basic design at various business fields. Easy-to-use have been supporting the users in the business field.
  • Schnelles und effektives Scannen mit den  CASIO MDE Modellen
  • CASIO Mobile Scanner bedeuten effizientes Handling
  • Anti-Rutsch Wirkung des CASIO Handheld Terminals

Efficient electronic architecture -Long continuous operating time-

By using the most modern chip designs, the CASIO mobile terminals achieve a very high storage density, high responsiveness and fast data processing. With the efficient electronic architecture, which is characterized by low battery consumption, the CASIO mobile computer can be operated for a whole day without the battery running out and having to be replaced.

(It is equipped with high-performance LSIs on CASIO mobile computers to achieve high-density mounting, high response, and speedy processing. With the efficient electronic architecture that enables long-term operation, CASIO mobile computer can be used for a whole day and reduce the trouble of running out of battery and exchanging the battery.)
  • Geringer Akkuverbrauch sorgt bei CASIO MDE's für lange Gebrauchsdauer